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PC Game Trailers (Community Project)


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I am hoping to get the ball rolling here. Trying to collect PC Game Trailers to use in FE's like HyperSpin and GameEx for PC Games. Making a custom video snap set is going to be slow going because there are a ton of projects in front. However ripping the FLV game trailers is a relative breeze with Firefox and the Flashget plugin. And there is no encoding to do. I am starting off by uploading 253 vids to the Official - Video Snaps [FLV][HyperSpin]/Misc Collections/PC Games [Trailers][FLV][EM 20101222][WIP] folder on the FTP. The main requirement is that naming be consistant.

Sites I am using so far:

#1 - Gametrailers

#2 - YouTube

#3 - Bigfishgames (editing out the bigfishgames splash screen)


Game Name [Year]


James Bond 007 - Blood Stone [2010]

Battlefield Heroes [2008]

Zombie Driver [2010]

Here were the Trailers that were added today:

   1 Penguin 100 Cases [2010].flv                                                                                          
10 Days To Save the World - The Adventures of Diana Salinger [2010].flv
10 Days Under The Sea [2009].flv
10 Talismans [2007].flv
1001 Nights - The Adventures of Sindbad [2010].flv
1912 - Titanic Mystery [2010].flv
2 Tasty [2010].flv
25 To Life [2006].flv
3 Cards to Dead Time [2010].flv
3 Cards to Midnight [2009].flv
3 Days - Amulet Secret [2010].flv
3 Days - Zoo Mystery [2009].flv
3Tones [2010].flv
4 Elements [2010].flv
4 Story [2009].flv
5 Realms of Cards [2007].flv
7 Artifacts [2007].flv
7 Wonders - Treasures of Seven [2008].flv
7 Wonders II [2007]_1.flv
7 Wonders of the World [2007].flv
A Dwarf's Story [2010].flv
A Fairy Tale [2010].flv
A Gypsy's Tale The Tower of Secrets [2010].flv
Age of Conquest [2010].flv
Aion [2009].flv
Airport Mania [2009].flv
Alien Stars [2005].flv
Allods Online - Rise of Gorluxor [2010].flv
All-Time Sudoku [2008].flv
AltSHIFT [2009].flv
Amazing Adventures - Around the World [2008].flv
Amnesia - The Dark Descent [2010].flv
And Yet It Moves [2010].flv
Apache - Air Assault [2010].flv
ArcaniA - Gothic 4 [2010].flv
ArkLight [2008].flv
ArmA II - Private Military Company [2010].flv
Around the World in 80 Days [2008].flv
Art Detective [2009].flv
Assassin's Creed Brotherhood [2010].flv
Astroslugs [2010].flv
Asylum [2011].flv
Ball, The [2010].flv
BANG! [2010].flv
Bastion [2011].flv
Battle vs Chess [2010].flv
Battlefield - Bad Company 2 [2010].flv
Battlefield Heroes [2008].flv
Bejeweled 3 [2010].flv
Black Mirror III [2010].flv
Black Prophecy [2010].flv
Blacklight - Tango Down [2010].flv
Blade Kitten [2010].flv
Blood Bowl [2010].flv
Borderlands [2009].flv
Breakaway [2010].flv
Brink [2011].flv
Bulletstorm [2011].flv
Call of Duty Black Ops [2010].flv
Cheap Amateur Film in Space [2011].flv
Chronicles of Mystery - Tree of Life [2009].flv
City Life - World Edition [2007].flv
City Life [2006].flv
City Life 2008 Edition [2008].flv
City of Heroes [2004].flv
Civilization V [2010].flv
Club Galactik [2010].flv
Create [2010].flv
Creature, The [2010].flv
Crime Life [2005].flv
Dark Fall - Lost Souls [2009].flv
Darkspore [2011].flv
DC Universe Online [2011].flv
Dead Rising 2 [2010].flv
Dead Space 2 [2011].flv
DETOUR [2011].flv
Deus Ex - Human Revolution [2011].flv
Doom III [2004].flv
Dragon Age - Origins [2009].flv
Dragon Age 2 [2011].flv
Dragon Age Origins - Witch Hunt [2010].flv
Dungeon Defenders [2010].flv
Dungeon Fighter Online [2009].flv
Dungeon Keeper 2 [1999].flv
Dungeon Siege II [2005].flv
Dungeons [2011].flv
Elemental - War of Magic [2010].flv
Europa Universalis III [2007].flv
EVE Online - Tyrannis [2010].flv
EverQuest - House of Thule [2010].flv
EverQuest II - Destiny of Velious [2011].flv
EverQuest II [2004].flv
F.E.A.R. 3 [2011].flv
F1 2010 [2010].flv
Fable III [2010].flv
Faery - Legends of Avalon [2010].flv
Fallout - New Vegas [2010].flv
Fallout 3 - Mothership Zeta [2009].flv
Fallout 3 - Point Lookout [2009].flv
Fallout 3 - The Pitt [2009].flv
Fallout 3 [2008].flv
Fantasy Life Mabinogi [2008].flv
Final Fantasy XIV [2010].flv
First Templar, The [2010].flv
Front Mission Evolved [2010].flv
Genesis A.D. [2010].flv
Golden Trails [2010].flv
Good Intentions [2010].flv
Grand Theft Auto - Episodes from Liberty City [2009].flv
Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas [2005].flv
Grand Theft Auto - Vice City [2002].flv
Grand Theft Auto II [1999].flv
Grand Theft Auto III [2001].flv
Grand Theft Auto IV [2008].flv
Guardians of Graxia [2010].flv
Half-Life - Blue Shift [2001].flv
Half-Life - Opposing Force [1999].flv
Half-Life [1998].flv
Half-Life 2 - Episode One [2006].flv
Half-Life 2 - Episode Two [2007].flv
Half-Life 2 - Lost Coast [2005].flv
Half-Life 2 [2004].flv
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [2009].flv
Haunted Domains [2010].flv
Haunted House [2010].flv
HAWX 2 [2010].flv
Homefront [2011].flv
Insurgency - Modern Infantry Combat [2007].flv
Jade Dynasty - Vengeance [2010].flv
James Bond 007 - Blood Stone [2010].flv
Joint Operations - Typhoon Rising [2004].flv
Kane & Lynch 2 - Dog Days.flv
Kaptain Brawe [2010].flv
Knights in Shining Armor - Episode 1[2010].flv
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light [2010].flv
Left 4 Dead - The Sacrifice [2010].flv
LEGO Mission - Von Nebula [2010].flv
LEGO Star Wars III [2011].flv
LEGO Universe [2010].flv
Lionheart - Kings' Crusade [2010].flv
Lost Horizon [2010].flv
Mabinogi [2004].flv
Mafia II - Jimmy's Vendetta [2010].flv
Mafia II [2010].flv
Majestic-12 [2011].flv
Majesty 2 - Monster Kingdom [2010].flv
Majesty 2 Battles of Ardania [2010].flv
MapleStory [2006].flv
Mass Effect 2 - Lair of the Shadow Broker [2010].flv
Mass Effect 2 [2010].flv
MDK [1997].flv
MDK 2 [2000].flv
Medal of Honor [2010].flv
Medieval Battlefields [2010].flv
Miner Wars [2011].flv
Mount & Blade - Warband [2010].flv
Mystery Case Files - 13th Skull [2010].flv
Mystery Case Files - Dire Grove [2009].flv
Mystery Case Files - Huntsville [2005].flv
Mystery Case Files - Madame Fate [2007].flv
Mystery Case Files - Prime Suspects [2006].flv
Mystery Case Files - Ravenhearst [2006].flv
Mystery Case Files -Return to Ravenhearst [2008].flv
Mytheon - Challenge Fate.flv
nail'd [2010].flv
NBA 2K11 [2010].flv
Need for Speed - Hot Pursuit [2010].flv
Nimbus [2010].flv
Oil Blue, The [2010].flv
Ongaku [2010].flv
Operation Flashpoint - Red River [2011].flv
Orange Box, The [2007].flv
ORION - Prelude [2011].flv
Path of Exile [2011].flv
Patrician IV [2010].flv
Perpetuum [2010].flv
PinballYeah [2010].flv
Pixeline & The Jungle Treasure [2010].flv
Plants vs Zombies [2009].flv
Platinum Life [2010].flv
Poker Night at the Inventory [2010].flv
Portal 2 [2011].flv
Postal III [2011].flv
Primal Carnage [2010].flv
Priston Tale II - The 2nd Enigma [2009].flv
Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 [2010].flv
Project IO [2010].flv
Proun [2010].flv
R.U.S.E. [2010].flv
Real Warfare II - Northern Crusades [2011].flv
Recettear [2010].flv
Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad [2010].flv
Renault Truck Racing 2010 [2010].flv
Resident Evil 5 - Lost In Nightmares [2009].flv
Return to Mysterious Island [2004].flv
Risk Your Life - Path of the Emperor [2005].flv
Risk Your Life 2 - Incomplete Union [2005].flv
Rocket Knight [2010].flv
Rulers of Nations [2010].flv
RUSH [2010].flv
SBK X [2010].flv
Second Life [2003].flv
Serious Sam HD - SE [2010].flv
Shadow Harvest - Phantom Ops [2011].flv
Shank [2010].flv
Shattered Horizon [2009].flv
SHIFT 2 - Unleashed [2011].flv
Shogun 2 - Total War [2011].flv
Sims - Medieval, The [2011].flv
Sims 3, The [2009].flv
Sims, The - Life Stories [2007].flv
Singles - Flirt Up Your Life [2004].flv
Sniper - Ghost Warrior [2010].flv
Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing [2010].flv
Split Second [2010].flv
Star Shipping [2011].flv
Star Wars - Clone Wars Adventures [2010].flv
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed II [2010].flv
Star Wars - The Old Republic [2010].flv
Still Life [2005].flv
Still Life 2 [2009].flv
Storm Over the Pacific [2010].flv
Substream [2011].flv
Super Crate Box [2010].flv
Super Meat Boy [2010].flv
Swords & Soldiers [2010].flv
T.E.R.A. [2011].flv
Tasty Planet - Back for Seconds [2010].flv
Terra Militaris [2010].flv
Test Drive Unlimited 2 [2011].flv
The Sims 2 - Apartment Life [2008].flv
The Sims 3 - Late Night [2010].flv
Transformers - War for Cybertron [2010].flv
Travia 2 [2011].flv
Two Worlds II [2011].flv
Ultima Online - High Seas [2010].flv
Undergarden, The [2010].flv
Undergrounder, The [2010].flv
Victoria II [2010].flv
Vindictus [2010].flv
Virtual City [2010].flv
War of Angels [2010].flv
War Rock [2007].flv
Warhammer 40000 - Dawn of War II - Retribution [2011].flv
WARSTORY - Europe in Flames [2010].flv
Witcher 2, The [2011].flv
Woody Two-Legs [2010].flv
Worms - Reloaded [2010].flv
Worms 2 - Armageddon [2009].flv
WoW - Cataclysm [2010].flv
WRC FIA World Rally Championship [2010].flv
X3 - Terran Conflict [2009].flv
Zombie Driver [2010].flv

All are welcome to participate and with a little community involvement we can have a great set in no time.

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  • 2 years later...

I was looking for that folder today, and I guess you guys deleted it. Saw that this post was pretty old. Is there a chance to get that folder reupped? I really need some of the flvs that are listed. Thanks!

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Hey Circo, I saw you mentioned somewhere a method of automatically making snaps from Gameplay and Title Avis. Is this something you do in Vegas and would you mind posting how you do it?

I'm going through and rounding out my PC Games and would love to contribute. Thanks.

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Oh okay, no worries. I've been holding off for a bit to make sure I'm doing then right but I'll get cracking in them again if they're fine.

Thanks Circo!

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