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What vids to choose


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I was just perusing the vids section and noticed that there are several directories for both

Official - Video Snaps [AVI]


Official - Video Snaps [FLV][HyperSpin]

I would like to have the best quality and most complete sets in both AVI (For my own FE) and FLV (For HS). I know the HQ is for better quality vids

but then which dirs in both sections below are most complete. I'm also wondering why the Mame versions would make a difference. Any help would be

appreciated. Thanks.

Official - Video Snaps [AVI]

MAME [Videos][AVI][HQ][MAME .128][EM 20090225]

MAME [Videos][AVI][HQ][MAME .139][EM WIP][N][T]

MAME [Videos][AVI][MAME .128][EM 20081109]

MAME [Videos][AVI][MAME .139][EM WIP][N][T]

Official - Video Snaps [FLV][HyperSpin]

MAME [Videos][FLV-HiQ][MAME .139][EmuMovies WIP][N][T]

MAME [Videos][FLV-HQ][HyperSpin 1.0 MAME .136][Themes Only][EmuMovies 20100227][N]

MAME [Videos][FLV-HQ][MAME .128][EmuMovies 20080311]

MAME [Videos][FLV-SQ][MAME .128][EmuMovies 20080311]

MAME [Videos][FLV-SQ][MAME .137][EmuMovies WIP][N][T]

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Stick with the HiQ sets, start with 128 and update with 139

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  • 2 weeks later...

I went ahead and merged the sets on the FTP, it should be a heck of a lot easier to choose now.

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