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Project Arcade 2nd Edition Coming Jan 2011


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I found this interesting, especially since new copies of the 1st edition are selling for over $100 on amazon. For those of you that don't know this book is written by saint over at arcadecontrols.com. It is available for pre-order at Barnes and Noble for only $21.88. Just put in my order!

From B&N

Project Arcade 2 will provide a hands-on guide to building arcade controllers and full arcade machines to use at home with personal computers. It will begin by covering physical construction (woodwork) and the different types of projects that can be tackled. Next it will cover the various types of arcade controls available and how to interface them to the computer. Audio and video options are discussed next, followed by game software and cabinet artwork. Online resources for troubleshooting and purchasing ready-made kits are covered towards the end, wrapping up with a presentation of "hall-of-fame" home built cabinets for inspiration.

Important topics included are:

  • Building the cabinet from sheets of wood to finished productArcade controls to use - joysticks, buttons, spinners, trackballs, flight yokes, and guns
  • How to interface arcade controls to a computer
  • Setting up the computer as the brains of the arcade cabinet without looking like it's running on a computer
  • Software to run once you've completed construction - how to get it, what's legal, what's not
  • Online resources for help and inspiration

Pre Order at Barnes and Noble Link


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Do you know if he talks about building driving cabs at all? That's one thing I am interested in.

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