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Cant get Mame Unified Bezels to work, help.


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Ok some im trying to use the Unified Bezel for King Of Dragons, i understand that Unified Bezels only work with RocketLauncher. I have followed guides on youtube to setup LaunchBox and Rocketlauncher so they talk to each other, which i haven't had an issue doing but for whatever reason im unable to get the Bezel for King Of Dragons to show up at all.

I have enabled bezels in the MAME.ini file i have gone into the settings>bezel tab on RocketLauncerUI and set enable bezel to 'true' and have also gone to the 'Modules' tab selected 'Mame.ahk'  and clicked 'Global Settings Editor For Mame.ahk' gone to the 'Mame' tab and set 'use bezels' to 'true'

I have downloaded the 'kod.zip' file form the Unified Bezel pack for mame from the download section of this site and placed it in my Mame artwork folder. I have then loaded King Of Dragons from Lauchbox but im not getting any bezles to show up at all there is no bezel selection option in the UI menu of Mame under the video section either!!.

Any ideas what im doing wrong here?

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Ah thanks, i had to add a 'MAME' folder to the 'Bezels' folder in Rocketlauncher, now it works.

Is there anyway to scale the bezels at all, as at the moment im using integer scaling for MAME and the bezel is slightly too large?

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