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Version of MAME that match video clips


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Hi Everyone,

Its been a long time but I was wondering what version of MAME games match with the latest MAME videos we have on this site (i.e. 0.161, 0.150, 0.183?).  My goal is to have the MAME set that matches best with the emumovies clips.

Which makes me wonder too if all the sets of MAME roms have the same names as time goes on or not.  For example, if you got the videos at v .150 are they the same as the videos for .183?  Also are hyperspin themes and wheel art etc matched to a particular set for MAME?  Don't know if this is the right spot but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.



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The latest version should work just fine.  SYNC supports multiple versions, but if you find yourself missing some, submit a support ticket with a list and we can probably get that fixed up for you.

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