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Atari 5200 3D Box Set - Complete

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Atari 5200 3D Box Set - Complete

3D Boxes Pack for the Atari 5200

Availability - Site, FTP, Sync

Space Invaders (USA).png

This is a complete and I believe accurate 3D box set. Worked on this a couple years ago.

I am not sure who else to credit as I can't remember who all helped dig up the covers/spines, sorry.


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Version 1.1

Added 6 Boxes @Tinybilbo

Additional 3D covers for the Atari 7800...  based on a No-Intro romset (2016-01-03).

Just a few cover that don't seem to be in the current sets but are in my No-Intro set.

There are 6 (plus an extra one which is a repeat - Klax).

Thanks to DamnedRegistrations for his Photoshop templates & crispunk86 for the theme that I followed.

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