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Search sync missing files on FTP.



Hello guys,

I'm synchronizing my PSX games collection with EmuMovies Sync to get HQ-mp4 snaps, 3D covers and Logos but it can't find some games information. What is the exact ftp path from wich EmuMovies Sync is downloading these files to manually download them? I can't find them!!!

Thank you very much in advance.

EDIT: Well... I found the HQ-mp4 snaps at: /Official/Video Snaps (HQ)/Sony Playstation (Video Snaps)(HQ)(EM 20160211)
But still can't find the PlayStation 3D covers and game logos.
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There may be a few things in our download section that didnt make it to ftp.  If you dont find it in ftp, just get it from its home.  http://emumovies.com/files/category/2014-sony-playstation/

@JuRaSSiCBoY I'm refreshing the ftp for psx right now, but what would be exceptionally helpful is if you could attach your missing.txt files for the different areas.  That will show me what the renamer is not catching and I can just fix the entire problem.

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Thanks a lot for your help and dedication @Circo. I found the missing PSX Video Snaps but not the wheel Logos. The problem was that some games are called different in the different regions in which they were sold. For example the "3,2,1 Smurf! My first racing game" is also called "Smurf Racer" or the "Army Men: Lock'n'Load" game is also known as Army Men World War: Final Front. With a little patience I finally I found all those Video Snaps at EmuMovies FTP but as I said I'm not able to find the wheel logos and 3D covers. The PSX logos folder had snapshots files inside which is a nonsense (Uhmm... seems like the Sony Playstation Official Artwork folder is empty now!).

Well, some games that I have not found their Video Snaps (nor their artwork) are:

- A.IV - Evolution Global [Europe] --> Also known as "A-Train IV".
- Actua Golf [Europe]
- Actua Golf 2 [Europe]
- Actua Pool [Europe]
- All Music Dance! [Italy]
- All-Star Boxing [Europe]
- All-Star Tennis [Europe]
- Anstoss Premier Manager [Germany]
- Autumn-Christmas Releases '96 [Europe]

Thank you again!


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I'm getting ready to repopulate the psx artwork folder as it needed updating.  This is going to be a little difficult.  Getting vids to match wont be to hard (the gameplay is the gameplay) but boxes and logos are going to be non existent.  I am going to duplicate whatever makes sense but for some of those the artwork just doesn't exist.  I'll report back soon.

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