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500+ Videos - PS1, PS2, PSP and Sega Saturn


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I`ve been recording videos for some systems in the last months, as I test them, I let bandicam ready,  when I test the games, I recorded the game-play , now I have uploaded over 500+ across systems, most, if not all, aren`t still available officially here for download.

For the PS1, most videos are for Japanese titles.

Bandicam records them in their original resolution, with the highest quality setting, I encode them later using another software, so the videos end up in something like 9,5 mb per file.

I do not record the press start screens, so these videos are probably more a placeholder than anything.

PS2, there were some games that played slow during the recording, but played at full speed otherwise,  they were really few.


There are also Sega Saturn videos, which I'll upload soon, they, like the PS1 videos, are for Japanese titles.


Let me know if any file is broken.

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