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Sync doesn't offer video download-does it work for others?



I am a new member, set up Hyper Sync successfully.  Mame wheels and themes work, but no video snaps.  I am manually download from another website, the video snaps works, but wanted to do a bulk download of all video snaps for Mame.  Any ideas or steps to take to start to try find a solution?

Here are the steps I followed_https://gameroomsolutions.com/setup-hyperspin-mame-hyperlaunch-full-guide/


Do I have to manually download the video snaps myself from EmuMovies website?  If so where do I find a complete set of all Mame videosnaps in mp4 or similar format?

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1 hour ago, Turdpeterson said:

iv been a member for a few years paid for a lifetime account  and now all of the sudden im a basic member  and cant access videos or ftp anymore

Please submit a member support ticket if you are having issues with your account.



Though I did give it a quick look and I can see where you once were a monthly supporter, then a yearly, but thats expired now.  I don't see any record of a lifetime membership.  

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