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Atari Jaguar Game Manuals Pack (FE Optimized)


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Atari Jaguar Game Manuals Pack (FE Optimized)

Version 2.0 is an all new higher quality pack with 2 more game manuals and the rest at higher quality. This pack is also optimized for use in front-ends with standard full screen views and resized pages. 

EmuMovies Official Game Manuals pack for the Atari Jaguar

Optimized for Front-Ends

Availability - Site, FTP, Sync

(File List) Atari Jaguar (Game Manuals)(No-Intro)(EM 2.0) [FE Optimized].txt

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    /Official/Game Manuals/Atari Jaguar


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New Set! Optimized for Front-Ends

Added / Replaced 62 game manuals:

  • Aircars (USA).pdf
  • Alien vs Predator (World).pdf
  • Arena Football '95 (World).pdf
  • Atari Karts (World).pdf
  • Attack of the Mutant Penguins (World).pdf
  • Barkley Shut Up and Jam (World).pdf
  • Breakout 2000 (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Brett Hull Hockey (World).pdf
  • Brutal Sports Football (World).pdf
  • Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales (World).pdf
  • Cannon Fodder (World).pdf
  • Checkered Flag (World).pdf
  • Club Drive (World).pdf
  • Cybermorph (World).pdf
  • Defender 2000 (World).pdf
  • Doom (World).pdf
  • Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls (World).pdf
  • Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (World).pdf
  • Evolution - Dino Dudes (World).pdf
  • Fallen Angels (USA) (Unl).pdf
  • Fever Pitch Soccer (World) (En,Fr,De,Es,It).pdf
  • Fight for Life (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Flashback - The Quest for Identity (World) (En,Fr).pdf
  • Flip Out! (World).pdf
  • Hover Strike (World).pdf
  • Hyper Force (World).pdf
  • International Sensible Soccer (World).pdf
  • Iron Soldier (World).pdf
  • Iron Soldier 2 (USA, Europe).pdf
  • I-War (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Kasumi Ninja (World).pdf
  • Mad Bodies (USA) (Unl).pdf
  • Missile Command 3D (World).pdf
  • NBA Jam - Tournament Edition (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Pinball Fantasies (World).pdf
  • Pitfall - The Mayan Adventure (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Power Drive Rally (World).pdf
  • Protector - Special Edition (World).pdf
  • Protector (World).pdf
  • Raiden (World).pdf
  • Rayman (World).pdf
  • Ruiner Pinball (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Skyhammer (World).pdf
  • Soccer Kid (World).pdf
  • Space War 2000 (World).pdf
  • Super Burnout (World).pdf
  • Supercross 3D (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Syndicate (World).pdf
  • Tempest 2000 (World).pdf
  • Theme Park (World).pdf
  • Towers II - Plight of the Stargazer (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy (World).pdf
  • Troy Aikman NFL Football (World).pdf
  • Ultra Vortek (World).pdf
  • Val d'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding (World).pdf
  • White Men Can't Jump (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Wolfenstein 3D (World).pdf
  • Worms (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Zero 5 (USA, Europe).pdf
  • Zool 2 (World).pdf
  • Zoop (USA, Europe).pdf
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