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couple issues


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I have a couple of issues that I can't seem to figure out. been working on them for 3 days now. I usually don't run to the forum unless I'm stumped. 


well.. i'm stumped


When I launch RetroFE and select, Arcade, select a game, it looks like it loading up. screen goes black and then it pops me back into the RetroFE arcade screen.

it looks like it wants to launch via the log file

[2016-10-17 12:10:42] [INFO] [CollectionInfoBuilder] Checking for "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\collections\Arcade\include.txt"
[2016-10-17 12:10:42] [INFO] [CollectionInfoBuilder] Scanning directory "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\collections\Arcade\roms"
[2016-10-17 12:10:43] [INFO] [Menu] File does not exist: "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\collections\Arcade\menu.txt"
[2016-10-17 12:10:45] [INFO] [Launcher] Checking to see if "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\collections\Arcade\roms\1941.zip" exists  [Yes]
[2016-10-17 12:10:45] [INFO] [Launcher] Attempting to launch: "C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\launchers\MAME\mame64.exe" "1941"
[2016-10-17 12:10:45] [INFO] [Launcher]      from within folder: C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\launchers\MAME
[2016-10-17 12:10:49] [INFO] [Launcher] Completed
[2016-10-17 12:10:55] [INFO] [SDL] DeInitializing
[2016-10-17 12:10:55] [INFO] [RetroFE] Exiting



second issue....

atari 2600 won't display anything other than this.

my understanding is it should populate the list by default frim the rom files in the rom directory, It is not. this is all I get (attached atari screen shot)



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Where did you put your MAME roms? There were dummy roms in the Arcade collection; did you replace them?

For Atari 2600: what is the extension of your roms, and what is configured in the settings.conf?

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Good catch on the extensions. yes the settings.conf was pointed to the wrong file type. they all show up now. how ever, I can't launch any of the games, suspect it is related to my issue below

YEs, the Roms were replaced.

When I launch any rom it goes to a blank screen and the mame screen with a white box that says "initializing"  then kicks me back out to the retrofe 

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atari are located in, etc etc for all 

C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\collections\Atari 2600\roms


my mame.ini  still points to the default as I was thinking all roms are in the subsweqent roms folder of all the emulators.

Since mame see the roms in C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\collections\Arcade\roms when I launch mame64.exe it should work with Retro... 


rompath                   roms
hashpath                  hash
samplepath                samples
artpath                   artwork
ctrlrpath                 ctrlr
inipath                   .;ini;ini/presets
fontpath                  .
cheatpath                 cheat
crosshairpath             crosshair
pluginspath               plugins
languagepath              language

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There's your problem. MAME has no idea of RetroFE paths, and it's started in the C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\launchers\MAME directory, so with that rom path it will look in C:\Users\Me\Desktop\RetroFE\launchers\MAME\roms for your MAME roms. You'll need to set a direct (can be relative) path in your mame.ini or add the rom path attribute in your MAME launcher file.


For Atari 2600 it's slightly different; you can directly call the ROM there by using %ITEM_FILEPATH% in stead of %ITEM_NAME%. MAME may need to know where the BIOS roms are if that system uses any; I know Atari 5200 does, but I don't know if Atari 2600 needs any. Where did you put your console BIOS roms (part of the same PD set)?


Check the update in the Upload folder to get some examples of what I'm talking about. :)

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Perhaps a few more words about MAME might be in order:


MAME uses the following view on emulation:

The base of the emulation are the machines. This may be an arcade machine, but also a console, handheld or home computer. In order to use these, you start MAME with the name of the machine, and MAME will check in its defined rom path for the corresponding (BIOS) roms.



mame64.exe 1941

mame64.exe nms8250 (a Philips MSX2 computer)


Some of these machines allow for separate media (e.g. games) on cassette, floppy, cartridge or cd-rom. MAME allows two ways to load these:

- Software lists

- Direct loading


The software lists are defined in the MAME hash files, use a similar naming system as the MAME machines, and MAME uses the rom path for loading them. You can call them directly after the machine name, e.g.

mame64.exe snes smkart

Using the software lists gives you the advantage that MAME knows exactly how to handle special settings for that software (e.g. embedded memory mappers in MSX cartridges), and especially for home computers using them can be a must to get the software to work at all.


For consoles and handhelds however, direct loading of non-cd-rom software generally works just fine (MAME uses a unique chd file format for cd-rom images, so direct loading hasn't worked for me yet). To use them, you must add the type, and the rom path, e.g.

mame64.exe snes -cart "C:\RetroFE\collections\snes\roms\Super Mario Kart (USA).zip"

Word of caution here: MAME does not support .7z files for direct loading!


The RetroFE Mediapack 1.1 Update contains a MAME installation, and matching launcher files that make use of this principle. Feel free to have a look to get some ideas on how to get things to work for you.

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When it comes to MAME in RetroFE, consider the following:

- Use the latest RetroFE release (distributed via the RetroFE forums and as part of the EmuMovies media pack).

- Place all your MAME roms in the roms folder of your MAME installation, and leave the Arcade\roms directory empty.

- Use an include.txt file to fill your game list; I provide many different filtered ones for the latest MAME release via the RetroFE forums.

This allows you to use MAME not only for Arcade emulation, but should automatically set MAME up to find the BIOS files for console/handheld/home computer emulation for your other collections.

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