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  1. why dont i see AttractMode anywere?

    Sure I saw Austins Youtube and looking for one of those and could find one on ebay.
  2. Depend on the rom size. Less than 500Mo keep it zipped. Especially for DC isos zipped they are usually light weighted.
  3. Upscaling to 1080p

    Always use fixed aspect ratio. 1pixel is one pixel.
  4. Super Nintendo Updated (726 Videos)

    Time to buy a bigger hdd. Thank you.
  5. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    Thanks. I was a bit busy and couldn't come back but I'll try Xpadder to get some combo keys.
  6. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    Lordmonkus thanks you. I checked that setting and it's working for two emulators I'm using right now. Need to figure out how to do when I switch from a SNES to a NES controller.
  7. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    I've got the premium licence (thanks to the black friday deal). My problem isn't inside the frontend, it's with emulators. I want to be able to go back to the frontend with only my controller (short cut key patern or something)
  8. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    Thanks I'm using Launchbox but that beeing an issue I'll have a look at mGalaxy.
  9. Looks nice. I'll give it a try.
  10. Virtual Arcade Front Ends

    I love them all but retro arcade got my vote.
  11. EmuMovies Front End Poll '16

    What can I use to fully control frontend and the emulator with my pad. Like I want to exit snes9x without going back to the mouse.
  12. The First Video Game I Ever Played Was...

    Arkanoid on arcade At home it would be Legend of Kage on Amstrad cpc6128
  13. couple issues

    When I saw the topic title I thouht you had trouble with your wife.
  14. Megaman Cool Spot Sam from Sam and Max Trevor from GTA V Jhon Martson