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Announcing HyperSpin GBA Wheel Image Contest


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Welcome back for another new wheel image contest from HyperSpin.

Join in and compete for cash and prizes by creating wheel images for the Gameboy Advance system.

1st Place Prize: Choice of PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii(with 2 games) OR $1 for every image created.

2nd Place Prize: $.50 for every image created and 2 games for console of choice.

3rd Place Prize. $.25 for every image created and 1 game for console of choice.

Raffle Prize: $100 , every person that makes at least 5 images per ruels gets 1 ticket. 1 ticket max.

Consolation prizes: 4th - 6th place. Free gold membership and all available transition packs for HS.

Contest ends when database is complete, no time limit.

Official rules:

1. Wheel image must be created by you. Image cannot be a come from existing image for another system.

2. Image must meet specs and shape as shown on this page:

3. Image must not be a cutout from a screenshot.

4. Image must meet minimum quality standards, no white specs against black background or choppy cutout.

5. Image must be submitted with romname as the name of the image per database located on HyperList.

6. You must put the romname at the top of your post with the image below the romname.

7. You must save all your wheel images till the end of the contest for final submission.

8. The first user to create and submit an image for a game, gets the credit.

9. Japanese versions do not count, only US and unique EU games with no US counterpart are accepted. If

you submit an image thats in the official no-intro dat thats not in our database for some reason then we

will accept that image also.

Check the official contest database located at jhabers site for a list of wheels that need to be done.

Official thread located here:


Thanks and good luck!

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