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Hi crew, about specific download?


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Helly everybody,


Sorry in advance for the noob question, but truth is i am one on hyperspin and emumovie, after many attempt to find answer to my question without find, i end up to ask you guys about it:


I am finishing after 4 days of non stop work to make my own hyperspin , following tutorial of simple simon.

Related to SQ video (can't afford yet any HQ ones) i am trying to download few ones missing,  as i chose only my best few roms per system to run, lets say iam missing not more than 20 video on 6 or seven systems... 

and for ne now SQ is mpre than ok, and for that i must thank all the crazy work done already by all of you ,  i can benefit now!!


but here in Cambodia, internet is quite slow and i was trying to download one by one the SQ i miss to finish my small box, but i saw only full set to download available, which is far too big to DL...so

is there any solution to downlaod video one by  one? Or is emu sync allows syncing in SQ video without subscription?


Thanks for time to reply 


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Funny enough, I am working on implementing a new download system this week that fixes your issue.  What set are you trying to download?

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No full set as i explained, but like 10 to 20 SQ video for these system: pc engine, megadrice , snes, nes, master system, neo geo, n64

In fact not for megadrive as i found a very usefull on Archive.org where we can download each sq megadrive video one by one, unfortunately  this is the only one available

What are you implementing exactly?



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Hi Circo, sorry to bother again, so if i understood well, there is for now, no way of downloading video SQ one by one (only by full system pack), or even Syncing them for free (SQ again) with emusync, but you are working now on a new download system that will allow it?


Thanks you so much for answer and if you could, give us details on your new system and advancement? that would be really nice = )




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