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Noob, I don't know how to use the FTP site


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I got all the info in a email but i have no idea how to get there or use it. I have a FTP username and password and ftp server in a email but when i click any of that it dosn't go to a site.

Thank you

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Guest clep


the most comfortable way is to use a FTP client. You can access FTPs with the browser as well, but I wouldn't recommend to do so ;)

You can use something like Filezilla (free), FlashFXP (trial) or FireFTP (Firefox Addon).

I use FlashFXP but all of them work fine. How-To's should be on their site but in general you just have to open the programm and create a new connection with the given FTP address and the username and password.

Best regards,


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What you can also do is use your windows explorer to do the FTP.

What I usually do is open up "My Documents" then in the address bar type the ftp address and hit 'go'

Once it connects it will ask you for the credentials. Easy with no having to deal with installing stuff.


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