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New Global Chat System and More Added


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I have just installed a new chat system on the site, I may enable the old one for movie nights but in the meantime its disabled. This is a huge site upgrade and adds a ton of new features. The system resides at the bottom of the page and is persistent across all pages of the site.

What's New:

- Facebook Style One on One Chat (Left)

Unlimited Chat boxes

Automatically shows scroll icons if the number of chatboxes exceed the browser size

User Status

Display whether a member is online, offline or busy

User Status Message

Displays users' status messages during chat

New Message Notification

Displays a pop-up indicating new messages from the user, toggle website title as well as provide audio notification. Now you will never miss a new message

icon.png Handwritten messages

Why type boring text messages when you can use your mouse as a paintbrush? Members can draw their thoughts

icon.png 2 Player Games 8-Ball Pool, Backgammon, Battleships, Brilliant Turn, Cheat, Checkers, Chess, Conectomato, Darts, Domino, Four in a Row, Go, GoldMiner, Hex Empire, Hexaru, Kabian Tactics, Knights Domain, Mancala, Marbles, Match 4, MineSweeper, Ramble Scramble, Russian Roulette, SheepMe, Sudoku, Super Star Balls, Tic Tac Toe

Auto-remember state

Automatically remembers the state of chatboxes open/closed/minimized when as you browse through the site

Synchronized multiple windows

Automatically synchronizes state if multiple windows of the site are open

Avatar Support

Allows you to display user avatar while chatting

User Profile Support

Redirect you to user profile on clicking of profile image or name

smiley-lol.png Smileys Support

Automatically converts smileys to icons

Auto-links Support

Searches and replaces all links to hyper-links

icon.png File-transfer

Allows users to instantly transfer files to each other

icon.png Chat history

Enables members to view past chat conversations with other members

icon.png Clear Chat Someone looking? Members have the option to simply clear their chat history.

- Applications (Right)

home.png Home Page Link

Takes you back to the home page

chatrooms.png Group Chat Rooms

Members can gather and chat in a single place using chatrooms. Gives members the ability to create their own chatrooms as well.

games.png Single Player Games

1000's of some of the best flash games with just a click, easy and intuitive navigation

share.png Sharing Tool

Members can share, save and distribute EmuMovies content through Facebook, Twitter, Email, Digg, StumbleUpon and many more.

translate.png Site Translator

Gives members the ability to translate any page on EmuMovies into 50+ languages with a single click.

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