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Capcom CPS-1 Flyers Pack


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Capcom CPS-1 Flyers Pack

Flyer pack for the Capcom CPS-1


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    • By Simon B;
      vr.mp4 here are Video Snaps for the 4 games, Virtua Racing, Star Wars Arcade, Virtua Fighters & Wing War. (V.R. is in native 16/9, others are in 4/3) recorded using >Mame>0.217, custom 720p 60 fps videos, cropped, 30 sec gameplays + intro logo (the basics)
      also added Wheel & Flyers found here & there.
       = MEDIA PACK Download = MEGA (~50 Mo)
      you can grab the Sega Model 1 System video snap >> here <<
      sorry if i break some rules, just let me know.
      see ya mates ;3
    • By EmuMovies
      Arcade Flyers Pack for MAME
      Availability - Site, FTP & Sync

    • By Circo
      View File Atomiswave Flyers
      Sammy Atomiswave Flyer Pack

      Submitter Circo Submitted 06/24/2016 Category Artwork Resolution Naming Convention Demul File Count  
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