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  1. vr.mp4 here are Video Snaps for the 4 games, Virtua Racing, Star Wars Arcade, Virtua Fighters & Wing War. (V.R. is in native 16/9, others are in 4/3) recorded using >Mame>0.217, custom 720p 60 fps videos, cropped, 30 sec gameplays + intro logo (the basics) also added Wheel & Flyers found here & there. = MEDIA PACK Download = MEGA (~50 Mo) you can grab the Sega Model 1 System video snap >> here << sorry if i break some rules, just let me know. see ya mates ;3
  2. my brain, my ears, & "wavepad" (load the mp4 in wavepad, manual edit, conv in m4a 250kbps & i mux the new audio on the same mp4 with YAMB, finished) all is done manually, no auto shit applied on it. we will never find a soft that normalise as right as a human with experience in mastering . :3 i have sound-revised more, (Model 1,2,3 ; ringwide , ringedge ; taito X ; NesicaXlive) my internet is crap, but let me know if some of you want them.
  3. thanks, it's very good, almost perfect just the sound volume wasn't setup right in each games. here is my contribution with well leveled volume for each game : >> https://www71.zippyshare.com/v/CfxXq5yo/file.html do what you want with this file, feel free to add it inn your post. see ya amigos.
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