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The 'Randomizer'


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The 'Randomizer'

The 'Randomizer' can be used to randomize files for which your FE would normally only use one static file. E.G. startup video, ambience.mp3 files, background images, etc.

1. Run - Randomizer.exe and choose the static file that you want to randomize.

2. Select the folder that contains the files that you want to use to replace the static image.

3. Choose your options, and select the files that you want to use as replacements.

4. Click 'Save'

A Random.ini file will be created, open it and you will see something like this:

Folder=C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\Random\Random Files
FileToRandomize=C:\Users\Matt\Desktop\Random\File to Randomize.txt
FileList=File to Randomize.txt|File1.txt|File2.txt
RandomList=File2.txt|File1.txt|File to Randomize.txt

Enter Randomizer.exe "1" in the run before/after section in your FE setup, or from a bat file, etc. The "1" means that you want to use the information from the [Randomize1] section in the random.ini file.

You can randomize more than one file by using multiple section numbers like this: Randomizer.exe "1|2|5"


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