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A better description & information coming in the near future.


Normal usage for App Path executables is ether via the Run Dialog (WIN+R), CMD Console or Batch Scripts, and you can apply normal augments.

Example Run Dialog:

iPacUtil /H

Example CMD Dialog:

start iPacUtil /H

In ether case should iPacUtil be registered within App Path the above would bring up the Console Help Text.

Lets give a more interesting example...lets say we have Kega Fusion installed to:

C:\Emulators\Kega Fusion\Fusion.exe

And we have our roms at the following location:

Z:\No-Intro\Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis\

We register Fusion with App Paths then open a CMD console in the Roms folder so that our command prompt looks like so:

Z:\No-Intro\Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis>_

Now at the command prompt enter:

start fusion

Hit the ENTER key & then close Kega Fusion.

Now at the command prompt hit the UPARROW then SPACE now type the first letter of a game you wish to play...then hit TAB till that game is showing in the command prompt...example:

start fusion "Crue Ball - Heavy Metal Pinball (USA, Europe).zip"

Then hit ENTER and the game will start


Okay download and extract anywhere...probably best to extract to ".\Program Files\AppPath\." just so its something easy to find. next double click on each executable...this should first off create a new folder in your SendTo RightClick context menu called AppPath inside of it should be shortcuts to each executable as you have executed them.

Next transverse your file system to where "iPacUtil.exe" is and RightClick on it and select from the context menu "SendTo\AppPath\AppPath Add" at that point you'll have just added iPacUtil.exe to App Path. :)

To remove well use the other SendTo shortcut. :)

Keep in mind that any executable that you add to App Path...should there be any white space in the name...it will be removed. For example "Foo Bar.exe" will become "FooBar.exe" this is to allow for proper execution via the Run Dialog or the CMD Console.

If a file by the same name already exists you'll receive a error dialog informing you so...nothing gets overwritten. You may still remove the current value...and then add...but by default it will not overwrite a preexisting value.


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