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Noob- Whats the most Up to date source


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Hi guys,


I am a new member to EmuMovies and wanted to know what source on here is the most uptodate?

Should i get my videos from the FTP or download packs on website or the sync program (i have not looked into that yet)?


The reason i ask is because im trying to match videos to Hyperlist for the N64 and the Hyperspin development database

There are

332 vids in EM FTP (240p)

338 vids (480p)

The 240p EM download pack is 328 vis (March 2016 i think)

303 games on Hyperlist (some of the FTP vids names are different)

the Official development DB has 333 games (includes Jap and Proto)

Of the new DB some of the video names are different to EM FTP vids


I have a breakdown WIP N64 Video Spreadsheet

Any help on what is the 1st place that gets updated



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The sync program is amazing.  Just pick a system, point it to your ROMs directory, and select what media you'd like to  download.

It creates a handy .txt file of what it couldn't match.  I tend to use FileZilla to grab those ones manually.  There were not very many for me.

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thats a good question. as a noob myself i just prefer the most accurate route no matter how manual it is.  i'd rather save myself from the headache

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