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Weird Issue with Hyperspin


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Just bought a new laptop and copied my existing hyperspin set-up over to it. Upon starting up hyperspin though all the video snaps are garbled. At first I thought I must be missing the necessary codecs, so I downloaded the recommended codecs listed here on emumovies, and when that didn't help the situation I downloaded ffdshow. Problem remains. I went to the video snaps using windows explorer and test ran the videos using Windows Movie Player. Low and behold the videos worked just fine. I looked to see what the default video player was and it was Movies and TV. So I test ran the videos in that and they worked just fine there too.

So I am kind of stumped here as to why the videos won't run correctly in Hyperspin but just fine in Windows Movie Player and Movies and TV. Setup works fine on my previous laptop, my gaming PC and wife's laptop. I also tried the Run as Administrator option with Hyperspin as well, same issue prevailed.  Any ideas or assistance would be greatly appreciated?

Laptop specs if it helps:

  1. Asus GL502VT Laptop
  2. Processor is i7-6700HQ @ 2.6 Ghz
  3. Video Card is GTX970m
  4. 12 GB ram
  5. Windows 10 Home 64 bit os

Attaching pictures I get through hyperspin.

The all green video is the Front End Instro.flv video:

opening video.jpg


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Same thing is happening to me. New loaded computer. Most movies play and then so dont

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I have since solved this issue. When I realized the problem was with Hyperspin I posted over on the Hyperspin forum and was able to get help and solve it. In my case I just needed to upgrade to the latest version of Hyperspin (1.4 rev 015). When I get a chance I will put instructions here to help others who find this issue.

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