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Stuttering -no smooth my custom PC video snaps


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Hi all welcome :)
I have a computer i7 2600K and Nvidia 580GTX and Surface Pro 2 and install Hyperspin 1.33 on my computer and tablet.
I want to do video snaps for my pc games.
Using Fraps or Action to capture  30s video in 60fps.
Video snap that do perfectly smooth playback VLC  or Windows Media Player , but when I throw this video to Hyperspin I stutering and not smooth.
Videos that are in the installation package Hyperspin work for me very well and smoothly. Other video downloaded from Emu Movies or thematic packages in the download section
Hyperspin forum also for me are smooth.
Maybe the problem is in the wrong video conversion or going bad conversion parameters?
Please I care for my pc video snaps.
What program to use the converter?
What set the parameters of the conversion settings?
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Why aren't you using Hyperspin 1.4?

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Lol - I forgot about the upgrade :)
So do the upgrade to 1.4 - it is much better as version 1.3.3, but still
it is not perfect - it is a small stuttering.

Test done on the video capture on Bandicam.
-resolution 480x360
- H264 codec (cpu)

-codec ACC
-Bitrate 128
-41,000 hz

File throw without conversion to Hyperspin.

If I do the same snap video animation it is always wrong -so as to lost frames.  Your video snaps work very well.

Please take a look at this example video snap.
He works for me perfectly and ultra smooth.

PC Games.flv

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While we sometimes use Bandicam final encodes are done using ffmpeg.

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Circo thank you very much and please :)
What are the parameters you use to get the best quality and smooth video snap ???



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