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Question on Video Snaps previews?


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First off, I apologize if I'm not describing accurately what I'm trying to say..

I've noticed, and it seems to be sporadic, that when you view some artwork, mainly video snaps, but it's occured with regular snaps too, is that when you view the file in Windows Explorer, instead of showing the snap itself, it shows a, I guess you'd call it a watermark?  For example, some of my mame videos show what is essentially a snap of the game, and some say Emumovies Mame Video Snap Pack.

Just trying to figure out how, or if,  I can make them show the game itself in the preview - in the long run, it's no big deal since you don't really see them in any frontend, but when I see it in windows, it makes my eye twitchy O.o


Thank you!

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It was an experiment on a few sets awhile back. May fix it at some point

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