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Recreating new Main Menu videos from existing videos


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Hi all,


I would like to re-do a couple of main menu videos for my system. The reason for this is that some of my videos use heavily modified xmls (i'm using Hyperspin). My Nintendo Classics wheel for example doesn't have any Vs. system, Super system or Play-choice games. It only has actual arcade games (not arcade versions of existing console games). So I have redone the theme but need a video to match.


I only want the main menu video to display the games contained within (16 in total).


Can anyone explain how I could join some existing videos together to create new ones? I tried following the video creation tutorial but VirtualDub doesn't seem to support mp4.





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The creation guide wont help for making intro videos unfortunately.  I normally use corel video studio pro to make them, while I normally use adobe premiere for my video work I dont like how it handles the crossfades for the intros.



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