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Official Missing List - Nintendo Gameboy


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This is the official list of missing Video Snaps for the Nintendo Gameboy Video Snap Pack


Would you like to help us complete this pack?

If you would like to help complete the set and become an EmuMovies Content Contributor please follow our Submission Guide.  Please submit to the FTP or our site Submissions System


Missing List as of 09/25/2015

Have: 757 Missing: 106


Beast Fighter (Asia) (Unl)
Indien dans la Ville, Un (France)
Mahou Kishi Rayearth 2nd. - The Missing Colors (Japan) (Translated En)
Nippon Daihyou Team - Eikou no Eleven (Japan)
Pachio-kun - Puzzle Castle (Japan)
Painter Momopie (Japan)
Panel no Ninja Kesamaru (Japan)
Parasol Henbee (Japan)
Peetan (Japan)
Peke to Poko no Daruman Busters (Japan) (Translated En)
Penguin Land (Japan)
Penta Dragon (Japan) (Translated En)
Picross 2 (Japan) (Translated En)
Pingu - Sekai de 1ban Genki na Penguin (Japan)
Pocket Densha (Japan)
Pocket Golf (Japan)
Pocket Mahjong (Japan)
Pocket Monsters - Midori (Japan) (Translated En)
Pocket Puyo Puyo Tsuu (Japan)
Pocket Stadium (Japan)
Pokonyan! - Yume no Daibouken (Japan)
Ponta to Hinako no Chindouchuu - Yuujou Hen (Japan)
Popeye (Japan)
Power Pro GB (Japan)
Pri Pri - Primitive Princess! (Japan)
Prince Rainbow (Taiwan) (Unl)
Prince Yeh Rude (Taiwan) (Unl)
Pro Mahjong Kiwame GB (Japan)
Pro Yakyuu Stadium '91 (Japan)
Pro Yakyuu Stadium '92 (Japan)
Puyo Puyo (Japan)
Puzznic (Japan)
Racing Damashii (Japan)
Railway (Asia) (Unl)
Ray-Thunder (Japan)
Renju Club - Gomoku Narabe (Japan)
Roadster (Japan)
Rock'n! Monster!! (Japan)
SD Command Gundam - G-Arms (Japan)
SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden (Japan)
SD Hiryuu no Ken Gaiden 2 (Japan)
SD Lupin Sansei - Kinko Yaburi Daisakusen (Japan)
Sachen 4 in 1 Vol. 3 (Taiwan) (Unl)
Sagaia (Japan)
Saigo no Nindou (Japan)
Sakigake!! Otoko Juku - Meioutou Kessen (Japan)
Same Game (Japan)
Sanrio Carnival (Japan) (Translated En)
Sanrio Carnival 2 (Japan)
Shanghai Pocket (Japan)
Shikinjou (Japan)
Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling - Toukon Sanjuushi (Japan)
Shippuu! Iron Leaguer (Japan)
Shisenshou - Match-Mania (Japan)
Sky Ace (Asia) (Unl)
Snoopy no Hajimete no Otsukai (Japan)
Soldam (Japan)
Soreyuke!! Kid (Japan)
Space Invaders (Japan)
Spiritual Warfare (USA) (Unl)
Star Sweep (Japan)
Story of Lasama (Taiwan) (Unl)
Street Rider (Asia) (Unl)
Super B-Daman - Fighting Phoenix (Japan)
Super Bikkuriman - Densetsu no Sekiban (Japan) (Translated En)
Super Chinese Fighter GB (Japan)
Super Connard (Europe) (Unl)
Super Robot Taisen (Japan) (Translated En)
Super Street Basketball (Japan)
Super Street Basketball 2 (Japan)
Suzuki Aguri no F-1 Super Driving (Japan)
Taikyoku Renju (Japan)
Taiyou no Tenshi Marlowe - Ohanabatake wa Dai-panic (Japan) (Translated En)
Taiyou no Yuusha - Fighbird GB (Japan)
Tekkyu Fight! - The Great Battle Gaiden (Japan)
Tokoro's Mahjong Jr. (Japan)
Tokyo Disneyland - Mickey no Cinderella-jou Mystery Tour (Japan)
Trap & Turn (Asia) (Unl)




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