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DSU isn't finding all games in my games directory.


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Hey Guys,


I'm a new member, just signed up for the lifetime account, thanks to Hyperspin! The problem I'm having with the DSU is that, when I add the platform, the roms folder and the output folder, the program never finds all of my roms. All of the roms are psp in this case, I've tried selecting all categories such as artwork and all the movies and only about 2 of the games are found (out of 20); I think the games that are found were Patapon (sp?) a.nd Grand Knights History all of my roms are names like pspgamenamehere.iso so I'm not really sure why it's not finding anything. If anyone could give me some tips on using this program possible or insight as to why it's not finding all of my psp game, I'd quite appreciate that. Thanks in advanced.



PS   All games are in subfoldes but the option to search subfolders is selected.

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It uses a fuzzy naming match. If your roms are named too differently then it wont catch it. PSP is a WIP set with a long way to go yet. You can check the ftp and grab all available files. And use fatmatch or fuzzy renamer from our download section if you file names are different.

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