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  1. Microsoft Windows-PC 2D Discs Pack (2883)

    EmuMovies Official PC/Windows 2D Discs Packs
    Availability Site, FTP, Sync (Microsoft Windows)
    32bit color and 8bit color versions included
    The idea behind this project was to make as many DVD-ROM Discs as I could find for PC games a sort of "Last of the Physical DVD Games" it could be called.
    Most discs were downloaded from Moby Games, however not all DVD-Rom games listed on the site (3200) had DVD-ROM's in English. They would however have CD-Roms in English as an alternative so some CD-ROMS were added to the collection for the sake of having English version Discs. Also, some Collections such as the "Hitman Collection" had CD-ROM's and DVD-Rom's in the collection.
     I have also added the odd fake label here and there for games such as "DreadOut" just to fill gaps in the collection.
    Bear in mind that the quality of the labels will not always be high as Moby Games does not allow access to high quality scans but very low quality scans were rare and the quality is pretty good overall. Also, worth noting is that a good few games have more than one disc.
    Anyway, to anyone who finds this set useful ENJOY!
    Also, if anyone has a disc image they would like made up just post the image I'll do what I can.
    If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my patreon found here:https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone
    GAME LIST.txt

    3D Boxes for Windows/PC games can be downloaded here:


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  2. PC/Windows 3D Boxes (2868)

    Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
    This is a collection of 2868 3D PC Game boxes I have made. The games list is attached. Many of the triple A games and collections are covered to the best of my knowledge (Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's, Battlefield collections etc...) There are also a lot of games that may be from country's like Brazil or may not be well known or children's games but I made boxes for them anyway because who knows when someone somewhere might actually want that particular game so why not cover as much ground as possible. I used the highest resolution available and paid for the privilege however sometimes even at the highest resolution the covers may not be scanned in properly and that was all that was available. 
    If you find my work of use could you please consider donating to my Patreon found here: https://www.patreon.com/RobinLevingstone
    3D Box List PC .txt

    If a game is not here that you are looking for try my steam covers collection found here: 


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  3. PC/Windows/Steam 3D Boxes (1270)

    Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
    This is a collection of 3D boxes for PC I made from high resolution covers downloaded from the Steam Game Covers website (http://www.steamgamecovers.com/) . Where ever possible I tried to select covers with an American age advisory logo to keep the set as neat as possible. Some covers have a few variants to pick from. Big Thanks to the Steam Game Covers Community for all their work! I will be adding to this regularly as new covers are made.
    3D Boxes Included:


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  4. PC/Windows/Steam Games Disc Pack (1420)

    EmuMovies Official 2D Disc Images for Microsoft Windows / Steam
    Availability: Site, FTP & Sync
    This is a collection of Discs with labels downloaded from Steam Game Covers. Please check the games list below as there are many different variants for most games. I split labels up by their ESRB and PEGI ratings, most labels have variants of both. To anyone who finds this set useful enjoy!
    Big thanks go out to the Steam Game Covers community! The quality of the work on that site is second to none!



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