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Yesterday I signed up for one month access to the FTP gold membership and didnt Receive my email with password yet.. how long does it normally take? Thanks

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    • EmuMovies Front End Poll '16
      LaunchBox...  All the Way......................................... Best for a very large Collection .   For organization.     Sophisticated look & BigBox for the Cabinet :) thanks Jason!!        I think next years polls will will be even closer...
    • zendarkcloud
      Hey everyone. I'm Zen from Canada and looking forward to checking out the videos.
    • New Users - Introduce Yourselves
      Hello everyone!  My name is Will and I am working on making my first cabinet.  I figured I would start out with some spare stuff I have laying around so it doesn't go to waste.  I saw that one of my cousin's had built his own cabinet and I was sold on the idea. I am working to get a few systems set up for now, but the best part is having a front end to play all the games for me rather than having a ton of rom clutter.   I hope that this site is a great place to help build a library and meet new people with a common interest!
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      Feels like I got this section all to myself here lol Anyhow, this one's hot off the scanner.  Enjoy!  WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game Manual
    • Turtles In Time Arcade - Pizza Power (Edited from original album)
      I took the original album version, edited the intro a bit, and upped the speed to match the game version.  To me, it actually sounds better that way.  Now you can jam out to the full lyrics in your front-end of choice.  In case you don't know, this track was from the live music tour from the early 90's and you can get the full album in mp3 now on Amazon.  Just look up "Coming Out of Our Shells", you can't miss it! Turtles In Time - Pizza Power.mp3