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Content Updates-NEC PC Engine Videos Updated

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Today we have a huge update to the EmuMovies NEC PC Engine video snap collection.  NEC PC Engine Video Snaps Version 1.3 includes 198 new videos for use in your favorite front end.  Version 1.3 includes a total of 301 NEC PC Engine video snaps in total. Continue reading for a list of the videos that were added and download information.

EmuMovies Official Video Snap Collection for the NEC PC Engine

Standard Quality - Site, FTP, Sync  High Quality - FTP, Sync

Videos Added/ Updated - 198 @DamnedRegistrations


  • 1943 Kai (Japan)
  • After Burner II (Japan)
  • Aoi Blink (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Appare! Gateball (Japan)
  • Artist Tool (Japan)
  • Atomic Robo-Kid Special (Japan)
  • AV Poker World Gambler (Japan)
  • Bari Bari Densetsu (Japan)
  • Barunba (Japan)
  • Batman (Japan)
  • Battle Lode Runner (Japan)
  • Bikkuriman World (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Bomberman - Users Battle (Japan)
  • Bomberman '94 (Japan)
  • Bouken Danshaku Don - The Lost Sunheart (Japan)
  • Break In (Japan)
  • Bull Fight - Ring no Haja (Japan)
  • Burning Angels (Japan)
  • Busou Keiji - Cyber Cross (Japan)
  • Champion Wrestler (Japan)
  • Circus Lido (Japan)
  • City Hunter (Japan)
  • Columns (Japan)
  • Coryoon - Child of Dragon (Japan)
  • Cross Wiber - Cyber Combat Police (Japan)
  • Cyber Dodge (Japan)
  • Dai Senpu (Japan)
  • Daichi Kun Crisis - Do Natural (Japan)
  • Darius Alpha (Japan)
  • Darius Plus (Japan)
  • Detana!! TwinBee (Japan)
  • Die Hard (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Digital Champ (Japan)
  • Don Doko Don! (Japan)
  • Doraemon - Meikyuu Daisakusen (Japan)
  • Doraemon - Nobita no Dorabian Night (Japan)
  • Download (Japan)
  • Dragon Egg! (Japan)
  • Dragon Saber - After Story of Dragon Spirit (Japan)
  • Energy (Japan)
  • F1 Circus (Japan)
  • F1 Circus '91 - World Championship (Japan)
  • F1 Circus '92 - The Speed of Sound (Japan)
  • F-1 Dream (Japan)
  • F-1 Pilot - You're King of Kings (Japan)
  • F1 Triple Battle (Japan)
  • Fighting Run (Japan)
  • Final Blaster (Japan)
  • Final Match Tennis (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Final Soldier (Japan)
  • Fire Pro Wrestling - Combination Tag (Japan)
  • Fire Pro Wrestling 2 - 2nd Bout (Japan)
  • Fire Pro Wrestling 3 - Legend Bout (Japan)
  • Formation Armed F (Japan)
  • Formation Soccer - Human Cup '90 (Japan)
  • Formation Soccer - On J.League (Japan)
  • Fushigi no Yume no Alice (Japan)
  • Gaia no Monshou (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Ganbare! Golf Boys (Japan)
  • Gekisha Boy (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Genji Tsuushin Agedama (Japan)
  • Genpei Toumaden (Japan)
  • Gokuraku! Chuuka Taisen (Japan)
  • Gomola Speed (Japan)
  • Gradius (Japan)
  • Hana Taaka Daka! (Japan)
  • Hany in the Sky (Japan)
  • Hany on the Road (Japan)
  • Hatris (Japan)
  • Heavy Unit (Japan)
  • Hisou Kihei - Xserd (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Honoo no Toukyuuji Dodge Danpei (Japan)
  • Idol Hanafuda Fan Club (Japan)
  • Image Fight (Japan)
  • J.League Greatest Eleven (Japan)
  • Jaseikin Necromancer (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Jigoku Meguri (Japan)
  • Jinmu Denshou (Japan)
  • Juuouki (Japan)
  • Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman (Japan)
  • Kato-chan & Ken-chan (Japan)
  • Kattobi! Takuhai Kun (Japan)
  • KickBall (Japan)
  • Kiki Kaikai (Japan)
  • Knight Rider Special (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '89 (Japan)
  • Kore ga Pro Yakyuu '90 (Japan)
  • Kyuukyoku Mahjong - Idol Graphic (Japan)
  • Kyuukyoku Mahjong II - Super Idol Graphic (Japan)
  • Kyuukyoku Tiger (Japan)
  • Lady Sword (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Lode Runner - Lost Labyrinth (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Magical Chase (Japan)
  • Mahjong Gakuen - Touma Soushirou Toujou (Japan)
  • Mahjong Gokuu Special (Japan)
  • Mahjong Haoden - Kaiser's Quest (Japan)
  • Mahjong Shikaku Retsuden - Mahjong Wars (Japan)
  • Maison Ikkoku (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Makai Hakkenden Shada (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Makai Prince Dorabocchan (Japan)
  • Marchen Maze (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Metal Stoker (Japan)
  • Mizubaku Dai Bouken (Japan)
  • Momotarou Katsugeki (Japan)
  • Monster Pro Wrestling (Japan)
  • Morita Shougi PC (Japan)
  • Moto Roader II (Japan)
  • Mr. Heli no Daibouken (Japan)
  • Naxat Open (Japan)
  • Naxat Stadium (Japan)
  • Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - PC Bangai Hen (Japan)
  • Nekketsu Koukou Dodgeball Bu - Soccer PC Hen (Japan)
  • New Zealand Story, The (Japan)
  • Niko Niko Pun (Japan)
  • Ninja Ryuuken Den (Japan)
  • Ninja Warriors, The (Japan)
  • Obocchama Kun (Japan)
  • Operation Wolf (Japan)
  • Out Run (Japan)
  • Override (Japan)
  • P-47 - The Freedom Fighter (Japan)
  • Parodius da! - Shinwa Kara Owarai e (Japan)
  • PC Genjin - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
  • PC Genjin 2 - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
  • PC Genjin 3 - Pithecanthropus Computerurus (Japan)
  • PC Pachi-Slot Idol Gambler (Japan)
  • Populous (Japan)
  • Power Drift (Japan)
  • Power Eleven (Japan)
  • Power Gate (Japan)
  • Power League '93 (Japan)
  • Power League II (Japan)
  • Power League III (Japan)
  • Power League IV (Japan)
  • Power League V (Japan)
  • Power Tennis (Japan)
  • Pro Yakyuu World Stadium (Japan)
  • Pro Yakyuu World Stadium '91 (Japan)
  • Psycho Chaser (Japan)
  • Puzzle Boy (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Puzznic (Japan)
  • Rabio Lepus Special (Japan)
  • Racing Damashii (Japan)
  • Rastan Saga II (Japan)
  • Reflectron (World) (Unl)
  • Rock-On (Japan)
  • R-Type I (Japan)
  • R-Type II (Japan)
  • Ryuukyuu (Japan)
  • Salamander (Japan)
  • Sengoku Mahjong (Japan)
  • Shanghai (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Shinobi (Japan)
  • Shiryou Sensen (Japan)
  • Shogi Shodan Icchokusen (Japan)
  • Shogi Shoshinsha Muyou (Japan)
  • Skweek (Japan)
  • Son Son II (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Space Invaders - Fukkatsu no Hi (Japan)
  • Special Criminal Investigation (Japan)
  • Spin Pair (Japan)
  • Stratego (Japan)
  • Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition (Japan)
  • Strip Fighter II (Japan)
  • Super Metal Crusher (Japan)
  • Takeda Shingen (Japan)
  • Tatsujin (Japan)
  • Tatsunoko Fighter (Japan)
  • Tenseiryuu - Saint Dragon (Japan)
  • Terra Cresta II - Mandoraa no Gyakushuu (Japan)
  • Thunder Blade (Japan)
  • Titan (Japan)
  • Toilet Kids (Japan)
  • Toshi Tensou Keikaku - Eternal City (Japan)
  • Tower of Druaga, The (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Toy Shop Boys (Japan)
  • Tsuppari Oozumou - Heisei Ban (Japan)
  • Valkyrie no Densetsu (Japan) (Translated En)
  • Volfied (Japan)
  • Wai Wai Mahjong - Yukai na Jantomi-tachi (Japan)
  • Winning Shot (Japan)
  • Wonder Momo (Japan)
  • World Circuit (Japan)
  • World Jockey (Japan)
  • W-Ring - The Double Rings (Japan)
  • Xevious - Fardraut Densetsu (Japan)
  • Youkai Douchuuki (Japan)
  • Zero 4 Champ (Japan)
  • Zipang (Japan)


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    Just to give a heads up: I saw that the HQ vids were finally uploaded for this a week or so ago. If anyone is curious, I had redone the entire PC Engine set to match the latest Hyperspin database. So all the old 30fps vids were replaced with new clips.

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