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EmuMovies Newbie - questions


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I'm getting back into my arcade again.  I burned myself out on it a 3-4 years ago.  I tried to do way too much on my setup so this time around I'm just going to focus on Mame and maybe throw in Daphne, Nebula, Model 2, and maybe Supermodel but no consoles.


My arcade computer isn't ready yet, but I downloaded the service program on another computer and that looks pretty cool.  For normal snaps like control panels, marquees, etc. it looks like it uses the Progetto Snaps.  Are the snaps that it downloads at the latest 157 like on the Progetto website?  I see a Controls Panels and Marquees Snaps in the download section but it looks like those are at version 144.


I see in the download service utility there is sega model 2 and model 3.  For Nebula, do you select Mame for that so that it looks at the roms in my Nebula folder and it matches them up?


If I select all artwork in the download service, which videos are selected?


What are the differences in the videos, mp4, mp4 hi qual, avi, avi hi qual?  What would be the preferred video?  I'm still going to stick with Mala for now as that is what I'm good with and have my themes how I like.  What would be preferred for the fade option and Mala?  I'm guessing I'll go to GameEx when the new version comes out.


Is the download service what everyone uses?  Is there a quick start guide for EmuMovies?





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Your running GameEx as your front end, correct?


Configure the down-loader within the setup wizard, and it takes care of this for you.

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Also, just a FYI, all the Mame artwork packs are in the process of being updated to current versions of Mame 157, 158

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