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I just wanted to say something here.


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A little background first...


I signed up in 2011 and just never used the site. <frowny face> </frowny face>


But, today I decided I needed to update my arcade SNES snapshots. So, I logged in. And downloaded the Download Utility. I pointed it my rom directory. And 8 seconds later I had all my snapshots.


So, now I am  a Lifetime Member. 


The quality of the product sold me in less than a minute. 


That was my story. Thanks. <smiley face></smiley face>


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Thanks for supporting the site and this wonderful Project.


Supporting communities like GameEX, HyperSpin, & EmuMovies is well worth it IMHO :bow:


Awesome things are in the works and you won't be disappointed.


Stay Tuned....

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