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System Intro Videos


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This is the first time I actually look into this set and all I found were combined videos of games. I thought that the videos were going to introduce me to the system. I thought they would be start up screens or videos of logos for a system. So has anybody really done a system intro and not a game. As it stands now it could be called Game Intros. there has been some on youtube http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Collection+of+All+Game+console+startup%27s
but I do not know how to get them.I would like to use them in my setup,also I like to see a project like that started here for the consoles as I feel theese videos would represent the system the games were played on. Is any here interested in something like this? I made one using Total video converter but I am a amatuture and just experimenting with it. It was taken from video here atari 5200 and at the ending it had the logo. and added the atari jingle. I rather see something like this than a video of a snapshot. Please feel free to comment on video. If somebody could start a project like this I'm sure it would be helpful for the community to have in their frontends.


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This seems like a nice idea, to be able to enable or disable origninal system boot audio/visuals.  Where did the Atari "Have you played atari today?" come from?.  I have a 2600, 7200, Jaguar, and Lynx and have not encountered that.

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It was a long time ago, in a galaxy far away. seriously I downloaded a long time ago just a small wave file in 2010 and added it. It was one of the Atari slogans. Somehow I wish I could find more audio like that with their slogans like:

only on playstiation

Segaaaa (Long version)

Sega (shortfast version)


The video was from atari 5200 Black Belt which was on the gallary a couple of days ago. then I crop it about 30 times to get it right and added the wave as it had no sound. when I go through my setup with the systems I'm probably not going to watch a combo of videos on each system But I will watch just for those couple of seconds it does play probably twice and move on to the system I want, (even when showing off ) then the game select menu. Now that I may given some of you ideas but what I need or someone willing to share the the videos. As I said they have some on youtube but I refuse to sign up. but if some one could upload on the fpt I would be grateful. or even more grateful if they could produce a set ( someone with experience) for the systems as the video I made itself is not all that great,but I like it.

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