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Question on C64


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Edit3: Never mind, its TOSEC. Too bad, hate that naming standard =)




Started setting up a Commodore 64 but having a hard time figuring out which set to use.


The xml on Hyperlist seems to be based on Tosec (guessing): "Tusker (1989)(System 3)[cr I+T][t +1 I+T]"

The No Intro Romset: Tusker (Europe).zip

Emumovies video: Tusker.mp4


So obviously Emumovies does not concur with the xml from hyperlist. Which one is correct and which romset matches it?




Edit: I can get the correct XML from HyperSync I guess, but still need to know which romset it wants =)

Edit2: The xml  I got from HyperSync also seems to be tosec... What am I missing here?

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