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If you were interested (and have a spare HDD of that same size) in making an image of your hard drive you could use a free application called Macrium Reflect. LINK HERE There are other applications, but that one is free and easy to use.


The plus side to creating an image is there is no extra config after a restore as long as nothing changed. So you would need to get your arcade box !00% "perfect" before capturing the image.


The downside, if you did mark changes after you captured the image, you would need remake those changes after restoring the image.


Anyway, i'm glad you are up and running. :thumbsup:

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I was half expecting this topic to be about a Kia commercial... I guess advertising does work.


Glad to hear that you had a backup.  I always create images of my computers (side effect of having to re-install Windows multiple times over the years), so my arcade hard drive is no exception.

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