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Question about subscription and addons?


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ok so like i wanted to access the ftp site so it is easier  for me to download all the videos and art i need.

so when i go to donate i was under the impression that i do get acces to ftp but to also the video in 480p format...i was going to go with the $60 lifetime subscription but before checking out i get hit with an addon of another 60 bucks for the videos?


i am confused and i thought 60 bucks would be all....please some one explain how the membership works?



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:) The DVD collection is useful for people with limited bandwidth who can't just download everything they want. You still need FTP access so you can get the constant updates happening here all the time. That add on price covers the time it takes to setup and burn all those files to a DVD and then posting it to ya.

If you have no issues with your ISP all you need is Lifetime Membership.

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