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Many more games playable with latest Virtual Jaguar GIT release


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I just did a quick test, so I'm not 100% sure about all of these. But here goes.


New playable games:


Atari Karts

Defender 2000

Evolution - Dino Dudes

Fight for Life

Flip Out!

Kasumi Ninja

Nba Jam T.E.


Supercross 3D

Trevor MCFur


Zero 5



Games that have better audio/Graphics:




Tempest 2000

Total Carnage

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  • 2 months later...

I can confirm at least that all the ones on the list above are actually more or less playable with newest release.

Even Tempest2k has improved a little bit albeit only a little bit. There is no reason to delete the T2k emulator just yet :P


Some of the title above are considered playable up to a degree that there are only minor errors that are almost not noticable. So games lke Atari Karts for example should get a video now. I'll try to get the newest GIT version later and try out all the games in the XML and write down as to how far they are actually playable.

I haven't touched the Jaguar Wheel before but I could also just test all those that have the "not playable" video showing testing whether they work now.

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