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White Screen Of Death


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Why does this site sometimes give me a white screen of death?  I posted the ARCADE VIDEO GAME RATING SITE post below and it white screened me.  I then clicked RELOAD and it white screened me again.   I then hit the BACK button a few times came in to the forum and found a double post.  I am using Firefox on Windows 8 FWIW... I notice I get a white screen every time I edit my signature as well,  though it seems to save the info each time.




(PS: This post was the double post but I edited it to include this content)


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Also... FWIW,  when I edited THIS post it had the same attachment of the FIRST post... I deleted it... which also deleted the attachment to the OTHER post.  Odd that two posts would use the same attachment.  In any case,  I did go in and re-upload the attachment to the Review post.

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