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Hyperspin videos


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Where can i get the rest of the mame videos t, u ,v,w,x,y,z and are there any videos for nes ,snes, 64 for the hyperspin that work. Im trying to fill the wheel up cause im working on a mame cabinet. Also there a videos missing for the mame. Where would they bbe at also. Thank You.

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you can find all you have mentioned on the FTP. :(

Im new to this site and alot of this stuff is all new to me. Where is the FTP. I have been looking for that on here and cant find it. I know this is a dumb question but i have no idea lol.

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You have to click on subscriptions and donate some money to get access to the FTP. Once you do that and send a message to Circo, he will send you a message back with a username and password and tell you how to access the FTP.

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Ahh ok !

I thought you are used to use the FTP because you are a "Supporting Member".

So, as Clutz450 said:

- MP Circo, copying in the message the "Transaction Number" of your PAYPAL bill.

He will answer you in the 24-48h and give you your access to the FTP (a login and a password).

Then, just configure your FTP like the "tutorial" you can find on this site (it is simple, you just have to configure the adress of the FTP, your login and your password and you will be connected ^^)

If you have any trouble, don't hesitate to post a message here :(

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