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spotted error with video Disneys Aladdin (1993).mp4 it seems to be Double Dragon 3 i think.

and as i clicked post i noticed Blues Brothers, The (1990).mp4 which is Cool Spot

Cool Spot (1993).mp4 is actually Aladdin

Double Dragon 3 (1991).mp4 is duke nukem

Jazz Jackrabbit CD (1994).mp4 is Joe and mac - cavman ninja

Joe and Mac - Caveman Ninja (1991).mp4 is Jungle book

Jungle Book, The (1992).mp4 is Marios Game Gallery

Marios Game Gallery (1995).mp4 video is a beat'em up i dont know but the audio is maio

thats all li got so far

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T2 - The Arcade Game (1992).mp4 is not a video

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