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Replay Dings Paragon level 100


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Wow.. I wonder how many hours he's played. Must be some ridiculous amount.
He has a total of 27 903 Elite kills and I have 2115 Elite kills which makes the ratio roughly 13.

He has a total 740 762 normal kills and I have 31 813 normal kills which makes the ratio roughly 23.
That's an average of 18 times more than me.
I'm currently on lvl 60 paragon 9 after 72 hours of gameplay.

18 x 72 = 1296 hours...
It's not nearly accurate. Just a estimation, as I can't see how many hours he's played.
I wish I had that much free time to my disposal.


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I got 563 hours played on my barb.


The thing is with the latest patch 1.0.8 really increased monster Density if you play inferno MP1 or higher.

You can level paragon very fast as you see in my video when I get to the oasis, there are mad amounts of mobs.


Also, 2 hand Skorn weapon hits very slow but hard, so I had to drop WOTB w/ thrive on chaos rune because it's difficult to keep it up 100% of the time or leveling could be even faster.


A nice dual weild setup can keep perma WOTB and pretty much faceroll everything if the gear is right.


Here is a nice thread on farming routes.


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Oh lawd... I just ran around aimlessly while trying to level haha.
I'll go through some routes and see what works for me.
My time's very limited at the moment.
Juggling work, Freelance work, Arcade projects, Gaming and a Girlfriend.
So this power leveling guide will definitely help me.

Thanks B2K24

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