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Epoch Cassette Vision

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I realize that up until now it was thought that an emulator for the Epoch Cassette Vision was not possible due to the fact that the game cartridges themselves hold all the necessary hardware to run the game.  Recently here in Japan a programmer was successful in creating an Emulator to run these games.  In anticipation of a port of this core to Retroarch I have created a Platform video in 16:9.  I will also be making the Clear logos, 2D Box Art both back and front, 2D cartridges, Game play Videos and instruction manuals (which were on the back of the Box Art), and Spines.  The full collection was scanned by a friend of mine here in Japan.  Now I need a way to dump his cartridges.  Any ideas on how to do this?  I will be uploading all art I have created soon.  Hopefully I will be finished within the next few days.   

Cart Front.rar

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