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  1. Hey there folks, I was thinking about adding my Karaoke Collection to my Big Box/Launch Box. I have quite a lot of English CD-Gs that I brought from the states before moving here to Japan. I have since gotten my hands on about 15,000 Japanese songs and about 12,000 Phillipino songs. I would really love to have a great Unified 16:9 intro Video for this collection. Anybody out there done this? Or (fingers crossed) willing to do so? Thanks ahead of time. Jigen271
  2. Hello all! I am currently working on a emu PC for my youngest son who went to University this year. We live in Japan and he speaks and reads Japanese so I asked him what he wanted and he said he would prefer the Japanese jackets and clear logos for all the Japanese games. I didn't find a lot for the Japanese games in the way of videos and clear logos so I started making my own. Many of them are AWESOME but some of them are not perfect but I wanted to make a comeplete set for all the Japanese games that I had to put onto his system. I currently have made more than 500+ for gameboy, 200+ for gameboy color, a complete set for gameboy advance, Gamecube, Wii, WiiU and am currently working on the PSP clear logos. I will work on the videos after the clear logos are finished. Anybody interested in what I have so far. I have created more than 3000 clear logos for Japanese games... Peace guys and I hope that you and yours are healthy and happy during this pandemic... END OF LINE>>> Jigen271
  3. Hi there, I was wondering if there were sets for Japanese systems? Gameboy Famicom Super Famicom N64 Gamecube Wii Was hoping to find Game videos, 3D boxart, Carts/Discs and Logos. Did quite a bit of searching on the net and haven't had a lot of luck. If anybody could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. Thanks ahead of time for any assistance in this matter. Jigen271
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