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NDS custom Carts

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NDS custom Carts

this are custom carts, not a single official cart was added.

I took the box, cropped it and made custom carts. The template is included in the download.


I know their is an official cart released. But those are PAL, JAP and other scans labeled as US files. I deleted

the duplicate and mislabeled files and only ended up with 120 files.



I'm willing to make an official set, I just need labels.   I included a video on how easy it is to get official artwork.

1. go to ebay

2. find a game

3. save a picture found on the listing, it does not need to be perfect.  You just need a clean, focused image. 

4. The perspective of the picture does not matter as the "Perspective Crop Tool"  can fix that.


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