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  1. edit I think the only problem is with vertical games I found 1942 ,1943 --> updated in the FBA folder (FBA folder fully checked for problems) to have the same problem I will make a vertical games XML for the MAME folder and check the rest when I get a chance. I found 44 vertical cfg files in the MAME folder that had the problem. All cfg files have been fixed and updated to the FTP.
  2. thanks for the info I updated allot of Neo Geo bezels from generic Neo Geo with the flyer to game specific bezels. Make sure you have the updated cfg files; the 3countb should have a height of 946 custom_viewport_height = "946" but your right 3cout bought dimensions, it must of slipped trough the cracks. along with alpham2 androdun aodk jailbrek nova2001 resized versions where just uploaded. if you can make a list of the bad config files I can update them.
  3. Version 1.0


    EmuMovies Official 2D Cartridge Images for the Atari Lynx Availability - Site, FTP, Sync
  4. View File Atari Lynx 2D Cartridges Pack EmuMovies Official 2D Cartridge Images for the Atari Lynx Availability - Site, FTP, Sync Submitter Circo Submitted 11/14/2017 Category Artwork Resolution 439x448 Naming Convention No-Intro, HyperBase File Count 76  
  5. a user by the name Krakerman is currently making and sharing Arcade Bezels at the Hyperspin forum http://www.hyperspin-fe.com/forums/topic/14790-arcade-xperience-4k-bezel-and-marquee-project/?page=22&tab=comments#comment-292487 His Bezels are formatted for RocketLauncher use on a 4K monitor, I converted everything for use with the raspberry Pi by re-sizeing the images to 1080 and made all the necessary config files I asked him if I could share them with other retropie users, but he only wants his work distributed trough the emumovies FTP if you are a supporting member feel free to download them from the emumovies FTP /Upload Here/_RocketLauncher Media Submissions/Krakerman/Media/Bezels formated by 32assassin for Retropie(Raspberry Pi) use how to install you will find 3 foldesrs in the "Bezels formated folder" arcade-bezel-Krakerman LR-Configs shader you will need to connect to your Pi via an SSH upload the folder arcade-bezel-Krakerman to this location on your Raspberry Pi /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/overlays/ the config files use two shaders, one is for 4x3 games and the other shader is for vertical games crt-pi-curvature crt-pi-curvature-vertiical their is a high probability that you already have this shaders in your Pi , if you don't you will find them in the Shader folder add them to your Retropie shaders folder at /opt/retropie/emulators/retroarch/shaders (please note that this folder is just a shortcut, when you click on this folder it will take you to the correct Shader folder. The Per Game Config files are found in the LR-Configs folder this files go in the same folder where you have your roms. I'm using 3 diffrent emulators Final Burn Alpha --> most of my Capcom Games Nego Geo --> for most if not all the Neo Geo MVS games Mame Libreto each config files needs to be added to the correct folder, for example if you are running 1942.zip with MAME Libreto the config file 1942.zip.Cfg found in the FBA folder needs to be added to YOUR MAME Libreto rom folder. Please note that MAME has updated some of the rom names after adding all the Per Game Config files to your rom folder, Make sure they match all your Rom names. Final Note, Please do not distribute this files outside of the emumovies FTP if you are not a supporting member, ask Krakerman to upload this files to the emumovies download section. so that everyone without an emumovies account can download them. final final note you should periodically check for updates, Krakerman seems to make 10+ new files each week.
  6. View File Nintendo DS 3D Boxes Pack (Alt 2) 3D Boxes Collection for the Nintendo DS Availability - Site, FTP Submitter 32assassin Submitted 12/13/2016 Category Artwork Resolution 500x450 Naming No-Intro / HyperBase File Count 2068  
  7. Version 1.1


    3D Boxes Collection for the Nintendo DS Availability - Site, FTP
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