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With a lot of hype going on about streaming games to different devices in regards to playstation 4, wii u, and nvidia shield project.  Was wondering has run across a feasible solution to set up a local gaming server to stream games to the living room?  Could a pico or some other tv addon device do this? I could only find some two year outdated posts on google, and random reviews on android devices that say it's barely suited for movie playback.


With affordable local home gigabit connectivity, i would think this should already be possible?  In reality I suppose I could track down 100+ foot of hdmi cable and use a wifi usb hub for mouse/kb/gamepad. 


Also would like thoughts on media extenders.  I know gameex was an extender device, and I had used media browser to transcode movies from pc to 360.  They also came out with game browser ii, which I havent messed with.


Something that is a simple slick gui ( like wiiflow on wii, freestyle dash for 360, steam big picture .. and what looks like ps4 is using a similar gui as steams ), and some how play games in my living room .. thats what I need <slam> here's my money :D

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I know it's not what you want to hear, but short of hooking up another PC to your tv, there really aren't many other options. Even then, the only "streaming" I have managed has been having that game saved on both pcs have having the save file on a network drive. We should be there soon though, we can stream blu ray movies from one computer to another without issue :-\


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