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Does someone has hi-res pc engine/turbografx cart scans?


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I'm making a pc engine/turbografx cart set to upgrade the actual supergrafx set i uploaded HERE but I need hi-res scans of hu-cards in uncompressed format (.png/.psd/.tif).

The set is actually a renders and uses 640*553 textures for game image (the cartridges is full 3d), more than it should be mandatory for good quality but hi-res simplify digital noise/paper grain cleaning on the source image.

Can someone provide or link good quality scans?I found some sources but almost all pictures are low-res and afflicted by jpg awful compression.

Thanks in advance :)

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I don't have any hi-res scans, but I did make a HuCard set for HyperSpin, it's on their FTP in my upload folder. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much HuCard art floating around, I ended up taking a nice card scan, vector traced it, then used the box art for the set, which is unfortunate, since most HuCards didn't have the same art as the boxes, but I figured it was better than nothing :) If you don't have access to the HS FTP, just PM me and I can upload them to MediaFire or something if you want them :)

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The ones used in supergrafx wheel was taken from pcengine.co.uk , there are many cart scan buts there's not a full romset and generally the jpeg compression is a great issue even with good-res scans -.-

Me too was thinking about using boxart... the upside is some US hucards have awful look (matte color with game logo), the downside is... well, I's not "real" hucard art :P Well, I don't think it will be so "terrible", hardcore fans will already be pissed off by cartridges position: pc engine/turbograx carts have upside-down art respect to supergrafx one's (front loading system vs back loading system) and i want to match the look of my previous set, aesthetically it is a better solution :P

In some case the differences bettween carts and boxarts is merely about producer's logo and hucard logo but... well, making a .swf/.png takes less than 10 minutes, spending 20-30 minutes per image to add "details" only purists will notice is not a viable idea :P

Will try to get scans from "fanboy" sites :P, in worst case scenario I will use boxart :P Thank you for help :)

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