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    1. Sorry for necroposting a bit here Circo, been a while since I was around last lol. Just wanted to say that I freaking love these parallax intro videos, any ETA on a full set of them?
    2. I don't have any hi-res scans, but I did make a HuCard set for HyperSpin, it's on their FTP in my upload folder. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much HuCard art floating around, I ended up taking a nice card scan, vector traced it, then used the box art for the set, which is unfortunate, since most HuCards didn't have the same art as the boxes, but I figured it was better than nothing If you don't have access to the HS FTP, just PM me and I can upload them to MediaFire or something if you want them
    3. Awesome update, especially the GCN snaps. Keep cranking them out and keep up the amazing work guys/gals
    4. Does your external drive have the same drive letter on the new PC? If not, then HyperSpin isn't finding your settings or XMLs. I had that same problem until I changed the drive letter to match the one on my old PC.
    5. They look great as always. Keep it up
    6. Part of me is wondering if the reason the forums are getting upgraded is to prepare for the release of *gasp* HS 2.0? I know, I know, but a boy can dream, can't he?
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