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question about what to download with the download utility


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So I went through about a day of downloading movies for my MAME roms and now I'm on to my genesis roms. I initially started with "All Artwork" and about 10 minutes into it I was like oh crap, I think I only wanted the video_flv_hi_qual or whatever it's called. My rom folder in the utility is C:\HyperSpin\Emulators\Sega Genesis\roms and my download folder is C:\HyperSpin\Media\Sega Genesis\Video

is that right?

once that is complete I will need to download the backgrounds etc separately?

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like you said is correct put the FLV files in video one...avi remember is not compatable with hyperspin 1.0 only with the new version when its out there will be mp4 also i think...if you are doing themes the path is nearly the same apart from the last click go into themes...remember for things to work together they must be named the same eg..

rom name = afterburner

theme still zipped = afterburner

video flv = afterburner

xml = afterburner

if it has something different like = afterburner(usa) then you would change them all or take out the (usa)

paths are also quite easy to follow in hyperspin..i can see your using your c drive straight from the computer i use a removable

E:\Media\Sega Genesis\Video

E:\Media\Sega Genesis\Themes

but your doing things right from what you have said also the utillity device is very good for matching stuff..

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