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Question about Lifetime Subscription


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I'm about to get the lifetime subscription but i'm confused about one thing. When i click "Add to Cart" in the lifetime subscription here , it then shows me 2 "Available Addons", one is 480p for $60 and one is 240p for $20.

Is this an additional price extra to the lifetime subscription?


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From what I understand of the store. You pay $60 and you get lifetime subscription and you can download from the FTP unlimited.

Or you can get the files sent to you on a lot of DVD's in either 480p for $60 or 240p for $30. It is a separate purchase.

Personally I've got unlimited Internet and wanted to get the FLV files rather than the 480p files so Lifetime was the best option for me. And honestly the work that has gone into this stuff is worth every cent.Hyperspin is looking awesome now. :)

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